IUI services offered in La Jolla, CA


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that can increase the chance of pregnancy if you struggle with infertility. At La Jolla IVF in La Jolla, California, well-known fertility specialist David B. Smotrich, MD, FACOG, offers full-spectrum infertility care, from IUI to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other advanced reproductive technology. Call the office or click the online appointment feature to arrange your consultation today.  


What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the process by which sperm are placed within the uterus using a thin catheter. The IUI is performed when you’re most fertile (around the time of ovulation). 

IUI places the sperm closer to your fallopian tubes, ultimately shortening their journey to reach and fertilize an egg. 


How does the IUI process work?

The IUI process starts with a physical exam, which usually includes blood tests, semen analysis for the male partner, diagnostic ultrasound, or other types of tests. 

You may need to take fertility-stimulating medication (oral medication or injections) for up to two weeks before your IUI procedure. This prompts you to make extra eggs and increases the odds of pregnancy. 

Your partner or donor sperm is processed in the La Jolla IVF labs to isolate the healthiest and best-quality sperm to use in the IUI procedure.  

When tests indicate you’re at peak fertility, you’ll have the IUI in the office. It’s a simple procedure and is usually painless. 

Around two weeks after IUI, you can take a pregnancy test to see if the procedure was successful. 


When should I consider IUI?

IUI is often an early treatment option for people who struggle with infertility. You might consider this form of treatment if:

  • You have female infertility due to endometriosis or other conditions
  • Your partner has male infertility, with low sperm count or poor quality
  • You’re in a same-sex female couple and are using donor sperm
  • You’re a single woman using donor sperm

IUI can also be a good treatment option for other people. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, La Jolla IVF can explain all your options, including both IUI and in vitro fertilization (IVF). 


Is IUI or IVF better?

IUI and IVF are two completely different methods of conceiving. IVF involves the implantation of an already-fertilized egg (an embryo) in your uterus (or your chosen gestational surrogate’s uterus). An IUI is where ovaries are monitored and when ovulation is about to occur sperm is inseminated into the uterus to fertilize the egg.  

Because egg fertilization during an IVF cycle happens in the IVF lab and the embryo is then transferred directly into the uterus IVF has a higher success rate than IUI. However, IUI is a less complex and lower-priced procedure.

At La Jolla IVF, Dr. Smotrich evaluates your needs and helps you choose the path to pregnancy that works for you. The practice offers everything patients need regarding fertility treatments, including egg freezing, egg banking, sperm retrieval, and the best surrogacy program around. Call the office or book your appointment online now.